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Time Flys

By Allan: Los Angeles to Tokyo and onward to Singapore is a lot of time in the air. It was 11 hours to Tokyo with a 3 hour layover and then 7 hours to Singapore. So we left one day and arrived yesterday, or something like that. After multiple time zones, several cheesy movies on... Continue Reading →

It’s Hip to Hop on and off!

By Allan: Today we had breakfast and I discovered a new fruit. It looks like a speckled watermelon with a hint of a strawberry taste. It’s quite good and was set up on an auxiliary fruit bar with chilled sunken stainless steal canisters holding ice cream. To keep with the fruit theme I scooped up... Continue Reading →

Singapore’s Underground

By Marla: Many things are fascinating about Singapore. It’s a small wealthy sovereign nation that has tripled in growth since the 1960’s. To create space for this dense population, Singapore has been converted into an “Island of Skyscrapers”. This transformed vertical landscape was pretty cool to view from our comparatively short hotel of 20 floors,... Continue Reading →

Something’s Fishy

By Marla: It was 3:00 am and once again we were sleepless in Singapore. Insomnia and jet lag mixed with our various ailments could’ve resulted in quite a conundrum, but instead we popped Tylenol and laughed and eventually rested before the sun rose. I was looking forward to our day and had purchased tickets for... Continue Reading →

Let there be Light…..

By Marla: Supertree Grove-Gardens by the Bay One of the most iconic sites of Singapore are the Supertrees located in the Gardens by the Bay. We visited the Gardens during the day but were encouraged not to miss the show at night. So after a short respite we ventured back after dark. There are about... Continue Reading →

Taxi Cab Confessions

By Marla: We’ve found the taxi queues to be a bit confusing here. For instance, there is the usual designated taxi line where you stand and wait for your taxi. At the front of the line you’ll hop in a taxi or not….. depending on whether the driver is going in your direction. Then there... Continue Reading →

From Sing Town to Thai Town

By Allan: It was time to leave Singapore and fly to Thailand and leave this amazing top floor corner room. After four nights, we still hadn’t figured out the light switches. It was counter intuitive causing me to leave Marla in a darken bathroom many times and giving a bolt of lightning to the eyes... Continue Reading →

Our Villa Awaits

By Marla: We flew AirAsia airlines from Singapore to Phuket without a hitch, except that my luggage had been thrashed so much that it was now missing a wheel. C’est la vie! My suitcase had been well-worn and the short flight only cost $74. I decided to suck it up for now. After gathering up... Continue Reading →

Into the Lions Den

By Allan: Into the Lion’s den: One hour shopping in downtown Phuket. The hotel offered shuttle rides into the town every hour and the shuttle van dropped us off at the Central shopping complex. We walked through the store which consisted of shops and food courts in a multi story building all nice new, clean... Continue Reading →

Elephant Sanctuary

By Marla: Just outside of Phuket is the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary where we had an opportunity to dedicate our time in the caring of these gentle beasts. There are about 9 of these retirement parks in Thailand. Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket Camp 4 Upon arrival at the sanctuary we were led up to a shaded... Continue Reading →

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